Planning, execution, and success!

TMMG has established roots in Industrial Operations, where our maintenance availability, plant management, and port engineering experts stand ready to produce sustainable results to enable on time mission delivery every time.

Whether your industry resides on land, or at sea – we are there to help you succeed. We will assist in problem resolution, anticipate needs, and maximize productivity and profitability by providing:

Availability planning support, including:

  • Creation of job plans, preventive maintenance plans, and spare parts/inventory records
  • Validation of asset conditions and/or configurations via site inspections and staff interviews
  • Development and management of process safety and environmental controls
  • Creation of work packages and specifications
  • Development of estimates for required skills and Full-time Equivalents (FTE)
  • Estimation of costs
  • Assessment of schedules and performance ofscheduling conflict resolution

Port engineering support:

  • Coordination of maintenance and planning activities
  • Trades related scheduling and conflict resolution
  • Maintenance scheduling